Elevating Standards

MAS Quality Inc. assists its clients to meet the challenges set forth by
their customer’s to meet or exceed aerospace standards such as AS9100, AS9102,
AS9103, AS9003 and AS9120. Our personnel have over 25 years quality program
management experience, whose expertise is recognized by many organizations such

We were recognized by NASA JPL Office of the Management System as a unique
resource for our expertise in implementing and assessing ISO and Aerospace
standards: AS9100, AS9102, AS9103, AS9003, AS9120. As quoted by the Manager-
Process Design, Assessment, & Improvement, Office of the Management System
at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MAS Quality Inc. personnel helped the
Laboratory avoid costly process missteps in implementing ISO. We provided solid
analysis and planning with recommendations that improved efficiencies while
mitigating risk. We worked to develop operating strategies in conformance with
budget limitations and provided practical solutions to organizations working to
meet improvement goals and performance targets.

MAS Quality Inc. personnel know and understand what external auditors look for
and how to tactfully manage customer and 3rd party assessments. Helping the
client avoid non-value added and/or misperceived non-conformances.