MAS Quality, Inc.

AS9103 Variation Management of Key Characteristics Training

Identifying Profitable Business Characteristics

Value of attending this course:

This course provides the student an introduction to proven methods to
identify the vital “Key Characteristics” that bring profit to the organization
while meeting the requirements of AS9103. Gaining your customer’s preference
and creating a sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved through
successfully implementing and managing AS9103.

Course Outline:

  • Business Profitability versus Quality Requirements
  • Introduction to the Concepts of Key Characteristics and AS9103
  • Applying the Concept and Managing the Requirements
  • Case Studies
  • Internal Appraisal for Identification and Control of Key Characteristics
  • Planning, Testing and Implementation
  • Final Exam

The student will gain the knowledge of:

  • Identifying key characteristics
  • The difference between key characteristics and critical characteristics
  • The importance of key characteristics to your organization
  • The relationship between customer satisfaction and key characteristics
  • Effective use of Root Cause Problem Solving (RCPS) in determining the variation of key characteristics
  • the profitability of key characteristics
  • How to effectively flow down AS9103 to your suppliers