MAS Quality, Inc.

AS9102 First Article Inspection Training and Consulting

In less than 4 hours MAS Quality Inc. can resolve your AS9102 problems by
helping you understand the following questions:

  • Is your company having trouble getting FAI packages approved?
  • Do you suspect you are wasting hundreds of hours preparing the FAI package
    with more documentation than what is required?
  • How can you reduce the time needed to produce an FAI package?
  • Are you unsure as to what exactly is a design characteristic?
  • Do you fully understand how to take advantage of a partial FAI technique?
  • Do you understand the design by similarity method?
  • Are you unsure how to effectively document the FAI nonconformances?
  • Do you know how to avoid inappropriate dispositions which can impose
    unnecessary delays in completing your FAI package?
  • What level of specifications must be tracked, how far down the chain must a
    supplier capture documentation?
  • Who in the organization should participate in preparing a FAI package?
  • Who should be involved in flowing-down FAI requirements to suppliers?
  • Do you simply need an industry expert to review your FAI processes to the
    AS9102 standard in order to assure your customer that your FAI process meets
    the intent of the AS9102 standard?