MAS Quality, Inc.

AS9100:2000 Internal Auditor Training

Value of attending this training:

This course provides the attendees with the auditing skills and knowledge
needed to perform internal assessments against the requirements of the AS9100
Aerospace Quality Management System standard. This course includes the
interpretation of the AS9100 standard, auditor qualifications, audit planning,
proper auditing techniques and effective reporting of audit results.

Course Outline:

Day One

  • AS9100 Overview
  • Interpretation of the Standard with emphasis within:
    • Stamp Control
    • Foreign Object Detection
    • Nonconformance Control
    • First Article Inspection
    • Variation Management of Key Characteristics
    • SAE AIR 5359A
    • Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 21 and 145
    • AS9101 Checklist
  • Benefits of Internal Quality Audits
  • Managing the Internal Audit Program:
    • Establishing the process and objectives
    • Establish roles and responsibilities including use of resources and procedures
    • Program Implementation and Records
    • Program Monitoring and Improvement
    • Auditor Selection and Qualifications:
  • Initiating the Internal Audit:
    • Audit Team Lead
    • Audit scope and criteria
    • Establishing the audit team
    • Creating the Internal Audit Plan
    • Communicating the Audit Schedule to the Auditee

Day Two

  • Conducting the DQS review
  • Preparing the Checklist and other tools
  • Conducting Opening Meetings
  • Holding interviews and collective and verifying information
  • Generating audit findings
  • Preparing audit conclusions
  • Conducting Closing Meetings
  • Conducting Internal Audit Follow-up
  • Sample Assessment (Choosing teams)
  • Sample Assessment Review and Discussion
  • Exam